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Gambling FAQ
What is the purpose of the apps at

The purpose of the gaming apps is to teach us about gambling. The apps are freely available and they can be used to try different gambling systems and see their results. The number of reels and slots per reel were carefully chosen. Each slot has 32 stops and the three reels give us a chance of one in thirty-two thousand for any combination to appear.

Thirty-two thousand sounds like a big number but is much smaller than most five reels sixty-four stop machines where the chances for a certain combination runs one in the millions. A day of continuous play of the Casino Slots HD app and you can probably hit the jackpot. To use a gambling system however you need to switch to manual mode. The only way you can play a gambling system with slot machines, is to vary the bet as regulated by the gambling system you are using. On the desktop version of the Casino Slots HD app, you can bet from one to ten coins at a time. On the mobile versions, you can either bet one or two coins, an increase of 100%.

The most famous gambling system in the world is the Martingale approach to betting. The theory behind it is to increase your bet every time you lose, so that the winnings will cover your earlier losses.

The table below gives an example:
Spin Bet Amount Outcome/Winnings Cumulative total
1 1 No win -1
2 2 No win -3
3 4 No win -7
4 8 Double Win 16 coins +5

By doubling the bet after every losing spin, you have a certain win when the least paying and most frequent combination appears. In this case 3 of the same symbols that pays double your bet appear in the fourth spin. Because you increased the stakes every time you lost when you win you get back your earlier losses plus a profit.

However, you can see the obvious shortcoming. With the maximum ten coins bet the number of spins where you can keep doubling the bet is limited to four spins. Most games will not offer unlimited betting, so there will always be a limit on the increase of your stake.

You don't have to double every time. Other systems more progressive allow you to increase or decrease your betting amount by smaller units making it possible to play slots in this way. We are working on an indicator that helps you have more winning sessions, based on this system. Sure, it is regarded as a gambler's fallacy to believe that history can predict future outcomes but what the hek those numbers seem to balance in the longer term!